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Universal Counsel is a network of experts in everything that matters to your business. We help businesses that *do* get things *done*, and in order to do that the best we can, we focus on understanding how businesses like yours work in our priority regulated industries: Food & Beverage; Health; Tech; and Creative Industries.

We understand, though, that there are certain priorities and projects that are important to all businesses. The UC network’s breadth of experience and expertise means we can apply all that accumulated know-how to making your life easier, no matter what stage of life or industry your business is in.  So, whether you’re on the path to market, growth, or exit, we’ve created the PATHWISE managed project services solution to help you get where you want to go.

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Our Industry-focused offerings

At UC. F&B we live for good food and the great businesses that bring it from farm and factory to table. Whether you're a fourth-generation farmer, a revolutionary restauranteur, a maker, a marketer, or a mover and shaker, UC F&B provides complete one-stop access to the experts you need to make the path to market an easier one and help your F&B business get it done.

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UC Health is about helping the helpers, making life easier for businesses across the allied health industry so that you can get on with the important business of making life better for the rest of us. Whether you're in health services, health supplements, health tech, or helping health businesses, think of UC Health as a one-stop spoonful of expert professional services - specially tailored to help the medicine go down.

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You may say that everything these days is 'tech'. At UC Tech we say that, now and into the future, tech is everything. We specialise in helping businesses that do get things done, especially if that thing is new, different, and interesting. We know your value and speak your language and our one-stop network of experts is here to help you connect the trickiest of technical dots (even if we have to turn it on and off again to get it working).

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At UC Creative, we’re about working with creative people towards creative solutions. We love the makers and the doers and live to help you get stuff done. You’ve got the big ideas - let us help you get them from inception to execution and make the boring-but-important stuff easier along the way.

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